Apr 11, 2020 | Igor Kravchenko

Best Immune Booster - Change Your Vibration

This is another health tip from Qigong master Chunyi Lin how to boost your immune system naturally.

You already know... the word "virus" is on everyone's mind. You already know what the T.V. has to say about preventive hygiene. And that’s all very helpful. But what we want to tell you about is Qigong, a way of healing and prevention that goes far beyond that.

Why So Many "Miraculous" Spring Forest Qigong Healing Stories?

Have you ever wondered why you hear so many stories about “miraculous” healing with Qigong? Because it goes deeper than the physical, deeper than symptoms. It goes straight to the source.

Qigong says we get sick because the body’s organs and energy channels get out of sync. In health, they vibrate strongly in harmony. But when your energy gets blocked, it becomes unbalanced, the body becomes weak, all of its organs and energy channels get out of sync, and finally you become susceptible to all kinds of things.

Energy Blockages

Many things cause energy blockages. But the number-one cause of energy blockages is emotions. Unbalanced emotions. What you could call “negative” emotions. For example:


Fear drains the kidney energy, your body’s very vitality.


Worry harms the pancreas energy, and your pancreas is in charge of sending the right amount of the right energy to the right places in your body.


Anger harms the liver energy, and your liver does 70% of your body’s detoxifying.

Unbalanced emotions are the gateway to illness; this is the Qigong view.


Build Vitality and Focus 

Positive emotions are a gateway to health, vitality, and robust immunity. That’s also the Qigong view, and it’s the key to the extraordinary healing and preventive power of Spring Forest Qigong’s Five Element Qigong Healing Movements. People like to think there’s more to it than that, but there’s not. Relax the body and mind, move energy through the main channels, build vitality, and focus on positive emotions – gratitude, peace, happiness.

Instead of Fear, Try Feeling This

With a simple practice like Five Elements, you simply create such a powerful internal environment of positive energy that there’s no space for sickness to take root. 

Each element is linked with a specific organ system and positive (or negative) emotion. The emotions and organs influence each other. When you focus on each element's positive emotion, you can literally transform the energy in that same system. Transform it into what? Into healing energy.

Qigong works with frequency and vibration. Every emotion has its special signature and special frequency. These specific frequencies influence specific systems in your body. This positive influence is what creates such a beautiful feeling and a complete healing.



Happiness energy strengthens your liver energy system.



Joy energy strengthens your heart energy system.



Peace energy strengthens your spleen/stomach energy system.



Contentment energy strengthens your lung energy system.



Gratitude energy strengthens your kidney energy system.


Now that you know all that, ask yourself: "What emotions have I been feeling lately?" Do you think they've been helping you?

Are you ready to start living differently? Would you like to be able to greet whatever life brings you in joy, gratitude, health, and happiness?

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